Inauguration of the Training for Centre Fire and Rescue Service Lest


On 09/10/2013 in the training colony Jakub Village in Military Training Area Lest with the presence of the State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Jozef Bucek , president of the Fire and Rescue Service Alexander Nejedly, director of the Institute for Health and special training of Defence Lest Jan Zvonar, representatives of the Presidium of the FRC , members of the Fire and Rescue Service from all over Slovakia , other public officials and media representatives inaugurated the new training center for the Fire and Rescue Service.

Part of the opening ceremony was also a practical demonstrations and ongoing training of members of the Fire and Rescue Service . Invited guests had the possibility to watch a preview of extinguishing of a crashed truck, the work of professional firefighters recovering injured persons from a crashed bus full of students, catching of hazardous substance from the tank and other.

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