IDEB 2014 - Introduction of Vityaz DT-30


DHZ Pole introduced the latest addition to its ranks during the IDEB exhibition, 14th-16th May 2014. The articulated tracked carrier DT-30 Vityaz. We managed to discover this bizarre machine during our world wandering in the far north where it serves primarily to transportation in the most complicated and harshest terrain and to get stuck in with this machine is almost impossible. At that time we had an idea to rescue this vehicle and use it to provide logistical support for the most complex situations, especially floods, snow disasters and other natural disasters. However, our discovery was in a disastrous state , almost 30 years old and very rusty . Therefore we are overwhelmingly happy that we have managed to get it operational after 3 years of hard work. Today it represents a unique ability to get where it is impossible to get. In the near future we will publish more information on this "little beast from the east" and its story .

dsc 6466
dsc 6458
dsc 6462
dsc 6469
dsc 6478

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