DHZ POLE is joining the World Humanitarian Day celebrations


At the occasion of the UN World Humanitarian Day, we join the global community and share a tribute to those lending a hand to others in difficult moments and re-dedicate ourselves to our mission of helping those struck by disasters. Because we share the belief that we all can and should do something good somewhere for someone else..
In response to the humanitarian needs caused by disasters, we provide assistance based on the essential values of humanity and solidarity and the fundamental principles of impartiality, non-discrimination, independence and neutrality. Our response is based solely on an objective analysis of people’s needs and of realistic response possibilities. In an effort to provide help effectively and in a spirit of solidarity, we adopt relevant international guidelines and closely cooperate with national and local authorities and other institutions operating in the disaster areas. In our work,  we always respect legal frameworks and relevant rules, religion and customs of the community we serve, acting to save and preserve lives in emergencies, immediate post emergency situations and during natural catastrophes.
WE ARE HERE, to help when disasters come..DHZ POLE team

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