The Voluntary Fire Brigade DHZ POLE was established on the 17th May 2010 as an association of volunteers, representing a platform for the utilisation of broad professional experiences and valuable skills of its members, for the benefit of those facing an emergency and in need for assistance. 

Our mission is to provide assistance and intervention in disasters, saving lives, mitigating impact and strengthening resilience of communities, especially in the case of floods and forest fires. These priorities are reflected in the technical equipment, professional profiles and a systematical further education of our voluntary unit staff.  In the European context, its our goal to provide unique logistical and transport capacities of our special vehicles for difficult terrain (including ones with caterpillar tracks) to enhance the mobility of fire and rescue units fighting the elements in forrest fires,  floods and other emergencies. We are systematically developing specialized rescue modules able to be deployed in complicated terrain to fight floods and fires.

According to our experience, effective rescue services have to be developed and made accessible alongside measures strengthening the protection and resilence of vulnerable communities. We believe these can be strengthened, if their potential for selfhelp is activated and supported at local,  community and regional level and therefore fostering this potential became an integral part of our mission. 


Our history

Everything  started as some of our volunteers turned their childhood dream of becomming firefighters into reality. They collected their first experiences through local voluntary firefighter brigades, later integrating their passion for special vehicles and 4 wheel quads to develop a fleet of special vehicles able to transport rescue units and equipment into difficult to access intervention zones. These unique vehicles are adapted to use in rescue operations and are able to master muddy or flooded terrain, as well as sand. New ideas for their tunning and upgrades pop up constantly as we gather more experience in missions.  The scale of our activities thus encompasses renovation and refurbishment of old military vehicles, trucks and tanks into modern rescue tools. We train our units and exercise our modules alongside other rescue services in order to be able to effectively support intervention in emergencies with unique and unmatched resources, enhancing the mobility of rescue units, the accessiblity of their services and the effectiveness of their intervention. The core mission of our association is to protect lives, health and property in emergencies.

The voluntary association was established to:

  • Create an organisational framework, collect technical and human resources and develop intervention capacities for fighting fires and floods,
  • Organise voluntary firefighting units and provide technical assistance
  • Provide support in natural disasters and emergencies,
  • Support prevention and education related to fires and floods,
  • Organise special courses, workshops and educaitonal programmes for voluntary firefighters,
  • Organise public events promoting safety and resilience
  • Support national institutions, self-governments and other bodies in disaster risk reduction and realisation of preventive measured related to fires and floods, 
  • Cooperate with other organisations with a similar mission.